Linnea Spransy

Curated by Suzanne Dittenber

August 24 – September 30, 2016

“In ‘Iota’, Linnea Gabriella Spransy situates herself within the cultural histories inherited from eastern and western cannons, as a visceral painter whose structural schemas thrive on ascetic limitations and a qualitative perception of “Zen” sensibility. Sharing typologies with manuscripts and mandalas, her geometric modules echo building blocks of visible and invisible structures in scientific sequences and anthropological symbolism. Spransy perceives the essence of cosmic engineering—a tension between pattern and chaos, predetermined and chanced—where free will and surprise can intermingle and co-exist. By tracing and outlining behavioral motifs within nature, her modules evolve into biomorphic landscapes, geometric worlds, and cartographic maps. Excavating her archeological surfaces thru countless layers of luscious paint, Spransy’s maneuvering mazes of colorful lines articulate the architecture of the universe. In essence, Spransy explores time’s accumulation through the very material of paint—archiving a memory of where she has been and is going—as lines build and converge at unanticipated junctures.”
– Julie Hamilton